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The Winds Of Change. . .

In the interest of keeping up with the times (and technology), we decided it was time to redo the web site, which has afforded us the opportunity to do a couple of things while we were tearing it down to build it back up again. . .

First and foremost, formally (and finally) roll out the new "sister brand" to andBuffalo, Retro Buffalo; which, if any of you crossed our path on our "festival circuit" this past summer will know that we did a "beta test/soft launch" of the new brand without fanfare, with no declaration - just to see how well-received it might be (or not).  Thankfully (and graciously), the people have spoken; Retro Buffalo was a bonafide heavyweight out on the tour, so we're thrilled to be able to now offer it online. . .we hope that you dig it.

Secondly, as clever as we thought we were originally on the first manifestation of the web site, it was brought to our attention, ad nauseam we might add, that it did not support most mobile devices; specifically speaking, iPhones and iPads.  Given the market share (translation: stranglehold) that Apple has in those two categories alone, we were leaving ourselves in the dust. . .shooting ourselves in the feet.  That having been said, we are now happily "Apple compliant" and ready to serve.

Finally on our priority task pad was/is social media integration.  We now encourage you, the user, to post Facebook commentary right under the designs. . ."pin it" to Pinterest. . ."tweet it" to Twitter; let the world know what you think.  Your feedback and word-of-mouth are paramount to the success of our brand(s) since very little money is spent on traditional advertising.

Thanks so much for your patience, (we know we've been off the grid) and for your continued support of andBuffalo; we appreciate it tremendously.

- aB

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