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Adapt and Change. . .

When we started Retro Buffalo, we didn't think much further beyond what we knew we did well - imprinted apparel.  Well, predicated on how well-received the Retro line has been, we got to thinking..."what if we expanded beyond our comfort zone of t-shirts and hoodies?" There are/were certainly enough locally-themed products to cull from, if it made sense to the Retro Buffalo model. 

In that spirit, we decided to dip our toe in the pool and slowly, deliberately, expand the offerings here at . .local author, William Kae's "labor of love" - a "trilogy" of books chronicling the rise and fall of Crystal Beach Park, is leading that charge.

Having personally read "Crystal Beach Park: A Century of Screams", I reached out to Mr. Kae to congratulate him on a job well done. . .it's such a good book.  While my own memories of Crystal Beach are as fond as they are detailed, this book filled in the gaps in very specific detail. It was this book that began laying the groundwork for a more "comprehensive" experience; to begin offering other products that might serve complementary to the wearables currently available while, at the same time, provide a dynamic, well-traveled outlet for some other local entrepreneurs, looking to promote their wares. 

That having been said, we would like to invite local vendors, artisans, and artists to come aboard and see where this thing goes. The criteria is simple, if it makes sense to the Retro Buffalo brand, we might have a home for you. Email us at: and let us know what you're thinking...oh - one caveat - no other t-shirt vendors at this time (sorry). We will happily take submissions for tee designs into consideration (and pay accordingly if we move forward with it). Thanks. 

Merry Chistmas and Happy Holidays. 



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